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our 4 seats panelvans

Our 4-seater panel vans offer you unrivalled mobility for your various journeys.

4-seater converted vans with vehicle registration document

As well as being able to carry 4 people comfortably, Pilote converted vans with 4 registered seats also offer a spacious and convivial lounge area.

Voyager à 4 personnes dans un fourgon aménagé Pilote

Salon confortable pour 4 personnes d'un fourgon aménagé Pilote

The advantages of 4-seater converted vans

Pilote converted vans with 4 registered seats offer a real variety of interior designs. You can choose the length of your next van, and the type of bed (garage bed, twin bed or roof bed).

And for journeys for 3 or 4 people, you can also choose between the extra bed in the living room or the pop-up roof.