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Every minute, every hour, every day is a surprise for those who want to seize it. In 1962, a young man creates a caravan in his father’s woodworking shop. That was the beginning of the story. In the late 70s, a trip to the United States inspired the founder of Pilote to create the first motorhome, and with it a whole new way of experiencing vacations. More freedom, more independence and an unprecedented sense of adventure.

Since 1962, our high standards have taken you further.

At Pilote, we’ve been designing and building our motorhomes for over 50 years with the same idea in mind: imagining ourselves leaving with you, aboard your Pilote.

That’s why each of the 300 people working on our team cultivates the high standards, concern for quality and respect for the customer that they have inherited generation after generation. Innovation and experience, industrial processes and artisanal methods, creativity and reliability – they’re all present in every Pilote motorhome, van and camper.

Always up for a unique sensory excursion.

Whether you’re always up for sneaking around or meeting up with friends in your favorite regions. Whether you’re traveling as a couple, with friends or with your tribe. Whether you’re heading off to unknown lands or familiar ones.

Pilote accompanies you on your journey of discovery and your dreams of a change of scenery.

The freedom to do what you love

The story continues, with you


The first caravan is built in La Limouzinière by André Padiou in his father’s cabinet-making workshop. He then set up his own company.


The workshop becomes too small. The first factory is built nearby. The premises were extended several times until 1975.

1976 – 1978

A trip to the USA inspired the company to produce its first motorhome model: the R430 nasturtium. It was to have been called Rally, but at the last minute it was renamed Pilote. The company was a pioneer in its field. It also recorded its first foreign sales.


The company invents the profile concept. As business grows, Pilote expands its production facilities.


Pilote releases its first all-in-one model, the R800DA.


Pilote makes motorhoming accessible to all with the launch of the First by Pilote range.


Paris-Dakar: a camper van, piloted by Laurent Bourgnon, takes part in the race for the first time. This event inspired the brand’s new slogan: “Inhabit the planet”.


Opening of a new 10,000 m² Pilot plant at La Membrolle-sur-Longuenée, near Angers.


Pilote is entering the converted van market to offer the right vehicle for every camper.


Return of the emblematic Galaxy and Pacific ranges. Pilote develops a wide range of products.


Pilote relaunches motorhomes without permanent beds: incredibly compact models offering exceptional living space. Pilote becomes the French market leader.


On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, and to further underline its dreams of adventure and unlimited travel, Pilote presents Atlas, its new range on a Ford chassis.

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