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Virtual tours of our new motorhomes

Low Profile

Low Profile
The Pacific range offers you 16 low-profile motorhomes, ranging from 5.99 to 7.45 metres, available in Essentiel and Sensation finishes. With an island bed, twin beds, a rear off-side bed, or even a U-shaped lounge at the rear, low-profile motorhomes in the Pacific range are available with or without pull-down beds. Customise your low-profile motorhome with an ALDE heating system or a fifth seated place in all motorhomes above 7 metres.


Our Galaxy range is composed of 20 A-Class motorhomes, ranging from 5.99 metres to 7.87 metres. With a 15cm Service Double Floor or a 21cm Storage Double Floor, you can choose a technical solution offering more storage areas as well as better thermal comfort. All A-Class motorhomes above 7 metres in the Galaxy range are ALDE compatible.

Overcab motorhome

Overcab motorhome


Discover the pleasure of driving a compact, urban motorhome.

‘What the experts say’ is a monthly feature from our experts. They answer all your questions on Pilote motorhome design.

All you have to do is go to the ‘Ask us your questions’ page, fill in the form, and leave us a message with your question. If selected, it will be answered in one of our next ‘What the experts say’ videos.

WHAT IS THE EURO 6 STANDARD? Euro 6 is a European standard that sets vehicle emissions limits, particularly for nitrogen oxide and particles. The Euro 6 standard restricts nitrogen oxide emissions to 0.125 grams per kilometre, which represents a 55% reduction on the previous standard, Euro 5.
Height-adjustable electric holds are available in all our motorhomes with central beds. They have 3 advantages: 100% electric, insulated and heated, easy to load.
Les nombreux rangement d'un caming-car avec double plancher rangement
Pilote has developed real expertise in fitting double floors running side to side across the full width of the vehicle, ensuring more efficient insulation and frost protection for water and valves.
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