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Our converted panelvans with garage bed

Are you looking for a converted van with a garage bed? Discover the models in the Vega range.

The advantage of a garage bed

In a converted panelvan, the garage bed is located at the rear of the vehicle, just above the luggage compartment. It takes up very little space, thanks to its transverse position. The bed base can be folded up to take advantage of more space in the luggage compartment and better circulation in the converted van.

Lit garage du fourgon aménagé V600G Pilote

Déjeuner avec vue en fourgon aménagé Pilote

Pilote models with garage bed

In the Vega range, Pilote offers you 2 converted vans with garage beds:

  • The V540G, with its compact size and practical layout.
  • The V600G, the best compromise for comfortable travel for 2 or 4 people.