Roof-bed low profile Compact P626D


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Layout of the P626D

This ultra compact low-profile model features a layout unlike any other on the market, as well as the comfort of a motorhome in a campervan size. Measuring 6.20 m in length, the P626D delivers a new two-person experience in a spacious, user-friendly setting.


An extra-large face-to-face lounge with two large benches seating up to 7 people. The generous table folds away and the table top slides to enable ease of movement. The long window introduces a good amount of light throughout the day. The many LED lights create a welcoming atmosphere at night. The adjustable mount can hold a TV up to 18.5”.


A kitchen with great worktop, 138-litre refrigerator and plenty of storage.

Bathroom and WC

Cleverly-designed, bright bathroom with a skylight. This space has been designed to give you maximum comfort in the bathroom without sacrificing any space in the other living areas. When you step inside, you only see the basin, large mirror and toilet. Hidden away behind the partition is, in fact, a shower. To have a shower, simply pivot the partition to open up the shower space. Pull the curtain back to discover yet another new storage space.


A drop-down bed (160 x 220) that stops 80 cm above the floor.


Sitting on the Fiat Ducato CSS, the ultra-compact P626D can go everywhere. Enjoy the driving comfort it provides as you sit comfortably on your adjustable seats. When you park, the cab blinds provide insulation and peacefulness.


The P626D features a generous storage area for such a small vehicle, with a zone that frees up the vehicle’s entire height. You can add a side skirt storage drawer as an optional extra.

Technical informations

6.2 m
2.3 m
Seated places
Sleeping places
2+2 optional
Eating places
Side compartement volume
1250 l
695 kg
MTPLM (Gross Weight)
3500 kg

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