What is the ALDE heating system ?

What is the Alde heating system?

Pilote and its partners work hand in hand to offer you the finest motorhomes imaginable. For our heating systems we work with Alde in particular. Mr Pajot asked us how the Alde motorhome heating system works.

To answer this question, we asked Mrs Kowalewski to tell us about Alde and its central heating system.


So, the Alde motorhome heating system is a central heating system based on heat-transfer liquid, and which also uses natural convection,

How does the Alde motorhome heating system work?

The system works in the same way as domestic central heating, i.e. a boiler heats a heat-transfer liquid, which passes alternatively through convectors and pipes into an expansion tank, then back though the pipes and convectors to return to the boiler.

This boiler will provide hot water and bathroom water, either constantly or when required. You can select your preference via a setting on the control panel.


What are the advantages of the Alde heating system?


The convectors are placed in optimal fashion all along the walls of the vehicle, providing an ideal barrier against the cold as well as allowing natural air circulation.

The natural convection provides continuous air rotation, giving a perfectly even temperature throughout the whole motorhome.


Another advantage of the Alde central heating system is that it retains natural air moisture, which prevents any dryness, and operates very quietly as it does so.


All program settings can be made from the control panel. Day-time and night-time programming for heating and many other functions.
All these program settings can be found on the Alde app for smartphones (available for iOS and Android). This can be used to remotely program your heating system or your hot water.
From the top of the ski slopes, you can program your heating system and come back to a motorhome at the right temperature, with plenty of hot water.


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