The front end of the 2017 A-Class motorhomes

Pilote presents a new front end which confirms its expertise in the construction of A-Class motorhomes.

This new front end offers 3 major advantages

  1. Reinforced thermal insulation
  2. Better acoustic comfort
  3. Improved visibility

At our design office, a number of engineers work to continuously improve our motorhomes. We regularly update our motorhomes, taking note of ongoing feedback from our customers and the market. Our objective is to ensure ever greater comfort, safety and well-being onboard your motorhome.

What are the advantages of the front end in the 2017 Galaxy models?

This new front end has 3 advantages: better thermal insulation, reinforced acoustic insulation, and better visibility.

Reinforced thermal insulation

This new front end is designed without a hollow body. This allows us to avoid any thermal bridge, which eliminates condensation. It also prevents the entry of external air, for better insulation.

We have worked to optimise the flow of air-conditioning in the service duct. It is now more direct and therefore improves the demisting function.

Reinforced acoustic comfort

We have produced a one-piece front end. This means that a significant number of parts can be eliminated, along with their associated friction.

The interface between the front end and the Fiat chassis has been simplified. This new front end is an integral part of the living area, and is less affected by the ups and downs of the road.

The service duct is fitted using silent blocks. These are small rubber parts which allow us to filter out unwanted noise.

Improved visibility

This new front end also has a larger windscreen, offering better visibility. Objects can therefore been seen much closer to the vehicle, at a distance of just 80cm to 1m.

How did you validate the improvements to the front end?

This new front end underwent AL-KO testing on the Iveco circuit at Markbronn.
The equivalent of 20,000 km was covered on different surfaces, including a paved road, bumpy road, grooved road, and potholes.

The test protocol required regular stops to carry out measurements and checks.

The tests were passed with flying colours, so the new front ends of the Galaxy A-Class motorhomes are now available.

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