Storage double floor

Pilote has developed real expertise in fitting double floors running side to side across the full width of the vehicle, ensuring more efficient insulation and frost protection for water and valves.
For this new edition of What the experts say, we spoke to our head of products for Low-Profile and A-Class motorhomes, asking him to explain the advantages of a storage double floor.


What is a storage double floor?

A storage double floor means that you’ll find a first floor laid directly onto the chassis, and 21 cm above it you’ll find a second floor. This whole unit will then be placed on an AL-KO chassis. This structure, which is highly specificto Pilote, will really insulate the living area.

What are the advantages of the storage double floor?


The advantages of the storage double floor above all include excellent interior insulation, both thermal and acoustic. Having this layer of air, especially since it is heated, with either a Truma or an Alde system, will keep the double floor warm. You therefore have a real thermal barrier, which is created naturally.
One of the advantages of the storage double floor is that all the service networks will be insulated. The fresh water and waste water tanks will therefore be kept permanently frost-free.

The second point which is important in relation to these tanks is that both the water inlet and drainage valve are also located within the double floor and are therefore insulated. You won’t find yourself stuck at a halt trying to unblock a waste water valve which has unfortunately become frozen due to the pipe running outside.


Lots of additional storage areas will be accessible both from inside and outside. Most of these storage areas will be transverse, enabling you to use these compartments to store large items such as skis, fishing rods and golf clubs, and of course tables and chairs.

Road handling

All models in the Pilote storage double floor range are built on an AL-KO chassis. The AL-KO chassis is lowered, offering two advantages:

  • First of all, the entire storage double floor will therefore be lower, so the overall height of the vehicle will not be affected, remaining at 2.85m.
  • the second advantage of having a lowered chassis is that the centre of gravity is closer to the ground, improving the vehicle’s road handling.

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