Advantages of electric height-adjustable holds

Height-adjustable electric holds are available in all our motorhomes with central beds.

They have 3 advantages:

  • 100% electric
  • insulated and heated
  • easy to load

Why choosing an electric height-adjustable holds ?

100% electric height-adjustable electric holds


The adjustable hold is worked using inner switches that adjust the bed height. The cylinders on the bed are used by 1000+ motorhomes, so no need for after-sales.

Inside, the steps on each side of the bed provide easy access when the bed is raised.

Insulated and heated for a permanent comfort

When you raise the bed, there are shutters on both sides. The chest under the bed is sealed so you’re always totally insulated from the hold.

The hold’s heated, and to avoid any heat loss the access doors close using double compression latches.


Height-adjustable electric holds for an easy loading

As the bed’s height adjusts, the hold adapts to you. This large hold can store bikes. Its wide door makes it easy to put bikes in.

All our motorhomes have an in-built hold, lowering loading height, and a chassis extension to bear greater loads such as a scooter.


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