Galaxy range

Travel far and wide with your Pilote Galaxy A-Class motorhome

Enjoy the spectacle of nature through the panoramic windscreen of your Galaxy A-Class motorhome.

Our Galaxy range is composed of 12 A-Class motorhomes, ranging from 6.99 metres to 7.87 metres. With a 15cm Service Double Floor or a 21cm Storage Double Floor, you can choose a technical solution offering more storage areas as well as better thermal comfort. All A-Class motorhomes above 7 metres in the Galaxy range are ALDE compatible. You can also benefit from the option of a fifth seated place in all A-Class motorhomes over 7 metres. Travel far and wide with your Pilote Galaxy A-Class motorhome.

Customisable configuration

With 12 models available, Pilote A-Class motorhomes can be configured as you wish. The Galaxy range has around 100 optional extras, allowing you to create the ideal motorhome to suit your preferences. You can choose from various layouts, including a garage bed, twin beds, or a height-adjustable island bed.

  • Around 100 optional extras.
  • Island bed and twin-bed available de 6,9 m à 7,8 m
  • Heightadjustable island bed (optional)
  • High-bed, low-bed or garage-bed versions available for twin-bed layouts
  • 4 bench-seat colours and 3 furnishing schemes

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Ergonomic and spacious

Our motorhomes are renowned for the quality of their layouts and ergonomic floor plans. Easy circulation within the vehicle: people can pass each other anywhere within the cell Circulation is improved by the absence of any steps in the living areas of all our vehicles. The 2 metres of indoor height provide you with an excellent interior space, with plenty of room and comfort.

  • Easy circulation within the vehicle : freedom of movement to pass each other within the cell.
  • Well-balanced spaces : no space is sacrified, even in smaller vehicles.

The cell of our A-Class motorhomes has been designed for easy circulation, featuring a large salon with L-shaped recess from the Sensation finish upwards, step-free living areas, spacious bathrooms and comfortable bedrooms. Choose comfort.

  • All our kitchens have a large worktop.
  • The island bed is 150cm wide with a large circulation space retained
  • Electrically height-adjustable storage availability on island beds (optional extra)
  • A cleverly laid-out bathroom in compact vehicles.
  • Large and comfortable living-room
  • Separate bathroom with double partition

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Laid out in an L shape for easier circulation, another person can comfortably pass behind you, even while you are using the cooker. The skirting is deep-set to free up room for your feet and the storage drawers can be accessed without having to bend down. The lighting has been designed to give you excellent visibility in the kitchen.

The bedrooms in all our vehicles are cosy and comfortable, promising a wonderful night’s sleep on the Bultex mattress which comes as standard. They have been laid out to offer you easy access to the bed and bathroom, plus lots of storage space, all without eating into the sleeping area. All you need to decide now is: twin beds or double bed?

Pilote offers some of the most comfortable showers on the market. Very spacious, they also come without steps for easier access in our models over 7.10m. From the 720 Galaxy upwards, benefit from a separate bathroom as standard, insulated from the bedroom and day-time area.

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All year round vehicule

Because we are commited to quality, all our low profile motorhomes are built using our process ISOTEK which guarantees structure durability and thermal and accoustic confort

ALDE and TRUMA heating system
Optimised networks for even heat.
Lowered storage
Enables easier loading and a larger storage volume.
Reinforced chassis extension
Reinforced with a supporting cross-piece for improved weight distribution in the hold.
Aluminium skirt
Solid lower body frame protection, easy to reshape into the bodywork.
Electrical Network
The electrical network uses new connections which are 100% waterproof and more durable.

The Fiat special motorhome chassis

The special motorhome chassis is the undisputed market standard. With its front and back anti-roll bars, special reinforced motorhome tyres and track width widened at the rear for better road-holding, it provides an ideal foundation for producing reliable and sturdy motorhomes. This chassis lowered by 15cm allows for an under-floor service compartment to accommodate the fluid systems.

Le châssis AL-KO® AMC

A top-of-the-line market standard, the AMC® chassis is based on innovative technology that offers both safety and driving comfort. Its unparalleled performance comes from its very robust yet
light design, which is lowered by 21cm. Your motorhome therefore benefits from improved road-holding thanks to its lower centre of gravity and optimised payload capacity.
This corrosion-resistant galvanised chassis has a wide track width and is equipped as standard with raised reinforced front suspension springs.


The service double floor is a technical solution to house the water, electricity and gas circuits.
This solution presents numerous advantages: the 15 cm double floor is heated and insulated,
thus protecting your water tanks from frost; the space created between the two floors provides perfect insulation against the cold and against road noise; and the volume of heated air offers a level of comfort similar to that of underfloor heating. The technical area is accessed through various hatches located inside the motorhome. The living area (lounge and kitchen) is laid out on a single level, without any steps.


More spacious with 21 cm of double floor height, this solution offers major advantages: accessed by exterior gates and interior hatches, this space allows you to store a number of bulky objects such
as camping tables and chairs, fishing rods and golf clubs. Pilote has developed real expertise
in fitting out double floors across the entire width of the vehicle, ensuring improved insulation and
frost protection for water and valves.

Tested and certified
  • Robustness and durability

    Tested on the track and in the cold room, the Galaxy has demonstrated its resistance to severe driving conditions and temperatures.

  • Exxceptional panoramic vision
    This front end offers an exceptional panoramic view for better driving comfort and greater safety.
    The driver can distinguish an object less than 80 cm high located 1 metre from the front bumper.
  • Thermal insulation Tested before and after the road trials, the new front end of the Galaxy range offers exceptional standards of thermal and acoustic insulation.The one-piece design of this front end employs construction technology with no hollow body, eliminating any risk of condensation or irritating sound-box effect.
  • Reinforced thermal and acousic insulation
    Hermetically sealed using a compression-based assembly technique, the engine compartment is perfectly insulated, preventing air infiltration and considerably reducing engine noise in the cab.
  • Waterproofing guarantee
    All our integrals are tested and guaranteed 5 years.

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