Choosing the right motorhome: living areas

Choosing the right living areas

Our motorhomes are highly regarded for the quality of their layouts and ergonomic floor plans. Moving around on-board all our vehicles is

made easier by the absence of steps in the day areas. The 2 metre high interior ceilings provide you with very ample and pleasant living area. (1.83m in Low profile motorhomes with fold-down bed)


Showermotorhome shower living area

Pilote designs showers that are among the most comfortable on the market. For easier access, our very large showers also come without steps on our models lover 7.10 metres long. Starting from the Pacific and Galaxy 740, an independent bathroom comes standard for you to enjoy, isolated from the bedroom and day area (optional with the Pacific Essential package).




Loungemotorhome lounge living area

Relax on this large, comfortable and redesigned bench which is invitingly trimmed with a new extremely durable high density foam. The table is easy to move and allows you to adjust your lounge according to the number of guests on-board.




Kitchenmotorhome kitchen living area

Its L-shaped layout makes moving around easier. Another person can easily walk behind you even when you are working at the stove. The skirting boards are flush with the wall in order to free up space for your feet, and storage in drawers prevents you from bending down. The lighting was designed to provide you with excellent illumination in the kitchen.









To make the most of your trip, the storage areas and payload capacity are two elements that


motorhome storage deep units

Deep storage units adapted to your needs

motorhome storage wardrobe

Deep wardrobes designed to accommodate hangers

motorhome storage kitchen drawer unit

Kitchen drawer unit

motorhome storage deep compartments

Storage area under the floor

motorhome storage bathroom units

Cleverly designed bathroom units

motorhome storage areas

Large storage area accessible from both sides







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