Choosing the right motorhome: acoustic comfort and temperature control

Choosing the right motorhome: acoustic comfort and temperature control


Here at Pilote, we know that the feeling of well-being created by a motorhome’s interior comes not only from its design and ergonomics, but also from its temperature control. This sense of comfort depends not only on the temperature, but also on the humidity conditions and interior air quality and flow. Your comfort depends as much on correct sealing as it does on theinsulation or heating system of your vehicle.



Heat resistance comparison

Insulation is one of the most important

technical aspects concerning motorhomes.

We trust in Styrofoam®

extruded polystyrene foam, which is

characterised by its closed-cell structure.

This Styrofoam structure boasts

soundproofing properties that reduce

exterior noise while driving and stopped.

Extremely light and resistant to both compression

and moisture, Styrofoam also provides

true thermal comfort be it summer or winter,

thus ensuring reasonable

energy consumption for heating

and air conditioning.



Choosing the right Truma motorhome heating system


Choosing the right Truma motorhome heating system

The Truma Combi is the most compact motorhome

heating system in Europe. By innovating

and improving its heating system technology every year,

Truma has forged a solid

reputation, taking a place among the most

innovative companies in Germany.

> Operates on gas and electricity

> Air and water are heated with

97% efficiency thanks to powerful

1,800W heating elements

> Crash sensor cuts the engine in the event of

an accident

> Comes in 2 models: Combi 4E (4,000W) and

Combi 6E (6,000W)

> The TRUMA EH allows you to use your

heating system on 230V

> The TRUMA 2400 is an additional heater

that heats the lounge quickly for increased

thermal comfort.

> Fitted as standard on all our vehicles,

the new TRUMA CP Plus digital control panel

allows you to control your heat comfort

to the degree.


Choosing the right ALDE motorhome heating system


Choosing the right ALDE motorhome heating system

The ALDE central heating system is a

hydronic central heating system based on the

same principles as those for most systems

found in our

homes. The slow and natural circulation

of the air provides a healthy dust-free

atmosphere without the sensation of dryness.

The heat will surround you

uniformly, eliminating cold zones.

A charming atmosphere greets you in the

living space, with warm sheets and

closets. The heart of the system is

the Alde Compact boiler, which operates on

gas or 230V. It silently delivers gentle,

heat as well as

continuous hot water to

your kitchen, bathroom and shower.

> Operates on gas or electricity

> Heat exchanger optional (recovers

heat from the engine to heat

radiators and water while driving).

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