Choosing the right layout

Choosing the right motorhome: layout

Cosy and comfortable, all our vehicles’ bedrooms promise you a pleasant night’s sleep on our standard Bultex mattresses. They have been arranged to provide you with easy access to the bed, the bathroom and numerous storage spaces, all without ever reducing the size of the sleeping area. The only question is: twin beds or double bed?


Central beds

Our central beds come with optional height adjustment,

starting from the 700 series, in order to provide you with a larger storage areaClass A motorhome Pilote G740C Layout

and no air circulation in the bedroom.

The retractable bed base and lift-up headboard

are electrically operated to provide you with additional comfort

and greater accessibility to the bed (standard or optional

depending on package option).



Twin beds

Our twin beds provide two comfortable mattresses on slatted

bed bases. This layout allows for a very large storage areaClass A motorhome Pilote G740GJ Layout

while maintaining easy access to the bed, further facilitated by specially designed steps. Enjoy

independent sleeping arrangements while maintaining the possibility

of moving the beds together electrically with the Diamond Range.

The twin bed layout provides an additional sleeping space

between your two mattresses.



Full-width beds

Our full-width beds are height adjustableFull-width bedin order to reveal a large storage area underneath. They also possess a step system for easier access to the bed. The full-width bed offers the possibility of having a large bathroom independent of the sleeping area as well as two deep, large closets



French bed

French bedOur French bed layouts offer you a large bathroom totally independent from the bedroom. All our French beds come with Bultex mattresses for extra comfort. This layout also provides more kitchen and lounge space by placing the bathroom at the rear of the vehicle.



Twin beds rear bathroom

Twin beds rear bathroomBenefit from the advantages provided by twin beds, such as the large storage area, the possibility of additional sleeping space between the two mattresses and wardrobes under the beds, all while having a completely independent bathroom at the rear of your motorhome. Your twin beds come together electrically.



No permanent bed

Layout without a permanent bedBy only having a fold-down bed above the lounge, you can enjoy a larger day area: A large kitchen, spacious lounge and a large, totally independent bathroom. You need not sacrifice comfort however, since all our fold-down beds come with Bultex mattresses.


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