Choosing the right floor for your motorhome

Choosing the right motorhome: Floors

Motorhome flooring acts as a means of insulation, a service compartment and a storage area. Based on your budget and needs, you have the choice between a low floor or a dual floor that can house the under-floor service compartment and even a storage area.



Low floor

Low Profile motorhomes Pacific Range - Choosing the lower floor

All our Low Profile motorhomes are equipped with low floors

that ensure insulated comfort. Waste water in Low Profile motorhomes is protected from frost (standard in the Sensation and Emotion package options). The low floor, composed of a 35mm sandwich panel with an insulating Styrofoam core, also provides a perfect seal thanks to a layer of polyester over the exterior face of the panel. The low floor layout places our Low Profile motorhomes among the lowest on the market.




Under-floor service compartment

A-Class motorhome Galaxy Range Pilote Choosing dual floors

The under-floor service compartment is a technical solution for housing the water, electricity and gas systems. This solution provides numerous advantages. The dual floor is heated and insulated, thus protecting your water tanks from frost. The space created between the two floors is a perfect insulator against cold and road noise. This heated air space will provide you with comfort

comparable to that provided by an underfloor heating system. Various hatches located within the motorhome’s interior provide access to the service compartment.

Only available with Galaxy Range.


Under-floor storage

A-Class motorhome Galaxy Range Pilote Choosing under-floor storage

More spacious, with dual floor heights of 21cm or 26cm (Diamond Range), under-floor storage provides major advantages for optimising storage in your motorhome. Accessible by exterior doors and interior hatches, these storage spaces allow you to store numerous bulky and cumbersome objects such as camping tables and chairs, fishing rods, golf clubs, etc. Pilote has honed its expertise in designing under-floor storage beneath

the entire width of the vehicle, thus ensuring increased insulation

and frost protection for water and valves.

Only available with Galaxy Range with the

AL-KO® chassis or with Diamond Range.



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