Choosing the right chassis for your motorhome

Choosing the right chassisPilote chassis

Here at Pilote, you can choose between the FIAT CCS chassis and the AL-KO AMC chassis . These two types are among the most reliable and highest quality chassis on the market. To help you choose the right chassis, consider these two criteria:

Driving comfort: each chassis provides you with a different solution for optimum road-holding and stability.

Chassis height: a low chassis offers you the possibility of a dual floor.



Chassis extension


Standard chassis extension for all our vehicles

Your chassis does not sway in the rear. Your storage area can therefore hold a lot of weight thanks to its sturdy structure.








The FIAT Special Motorhome chassisis the undisputed market standard. It provides an ideal foundation for building sturdy and reliable motorhomes.

1. Front and back anti-roll bars for added stability

2. Special reinforced motorhome tires.

3. Track width widened in the rear for better road-holding.

4. This low-slung chassis lowered by 15cm allows for an under-floor service compartment to accommodate the fluid systems.

5. Front axle fitted with raised reinforced suspension springs, 4,250kg for A-Class motorhomes




A top-of-the-line market standard, the AL-KO® chassis offers innovative technology providing increased safety and substantially improved driving comfort. The chassis’ unparalleled performance comes from its very robust yet light design, which is lowered to optimise your motorhome’s payload capacity. The AL-KO®’s suspension boasts raised reinforced suspension springs for increased driving comfort and excellent road-holding.FIAT ALKO motorhome chassis

1. This low-slung chassis lowered by 22cm allows for 25.9cm-high under-floor storage and provides excellent stability.

2. Raised reinforced front suspension springs provide increased ground clearance.

3. Corrosion-resistant galvanized chassis with wide track width for improved driving comfort.

4. Rear suspension equipped with ALC Level Controller to keep your motorhome stable and at the optimum level (optional).

5. Air Premium full air suspension for the rear and/or front axles for exceptional driving comfort (optional).




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