Choosing the right bodywork for your motorhome

Choosing the right motorhome: Bodywork

Low Profile or A-Class, the choice is above all an affair of the heart and experience. For those who have not yet

made their choice, 3 key criteria must be considered:

Interior space: space is increased when the cab is fully integrated into the living area.

Handling: the lighter and more aerodynamic a motorhome is, the easier it will handle.

Your budget: Low Profile motorhomes are less expensive than A-Class motorhomes, even with the same package option.

Low Profile motorhomes

Pilote Pacific Low Profile Range

The Low Profile motorhome is the most widely used in Europe. Its aerodynamic lines and low height reduce wind resistance, thus providing reasonable fuel consumption. Economic and light, optimised for driving comfort and handling, it is ideal for trips for two or with the whole family. The Low Profile motorhomes with fold-down beds provide comfortable sleeping space for 2 people above the lounge.






A-Class motorhomes

A-Class motorhome Galaxy Range Pilote

The A-Class is a motorhome built directly onto a bare chassis and designed for maximum interior space. Interior living space is the A-Class’s strong point: You can appreciate the spaciousness, the ample light provided by the panoramic windshield and the ease of movement through a day area with no steps.













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